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The Maisie silk satin french knicker by Ayten Gasson.

Cut on the bias to create a beautiful and flattering fit, this elegant knicker features lace detailing on either side created by English lace company Cluny, who have been producing English lace since 1845. Finished with a delicate gold coloured elastic trim.



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The Zachary House | Stephen Atkinson

In Ramseur, North Carolina, a reincarnation of a modernist dog-trot house. The original was designed by Stephen Atkinson more than a decade ago and became a darling of design magazines. This one was built by Terrie Moffitt and Avshalom Caspi, psychology professors at Duke University, who saw the house on the cover of a book, and wrote to Mr. Atkinson. He made a bargain with them: they could have the plans free, but if they made substantial changes, he would charge them.

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Taken on a recent road trip taking in Durdle Door & Lulworth in Dorset.

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